Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Macau-Mini Vegas-MGM

During my stay in Hong Kong, I had a chance to go to Macau for a weekend to visit my friends there. Thank you so much for being such a great host, from living, eating and shopping situations! Everything was so planned out to do everything I said I want to do. I <3 you all and miss you guys so so much!

So Macau is like a mini-Vegas. Not as extravagant as the real thing but it did give me a good memory of Vegas with my girls back home! MGM in Macau was actually prettier than the MGM in Vegas! :P They were having this temporary showcase of butterflies. Thousands and thousands of different species of butterflies fluttered around me as I squeak when they flew next to my face! haha good times!

pretty sexy!


Butterfly Dome

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So European~~ I lovee it

Look at all these butterflies

Next Post shall be another location in Macau! Look out for it! Happy Hump Day & I'm currently testing out "The Face Shop" -Rice Mask  :)

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