Friday, March 30, 2012

What purse do you carry?

I was on a Refinary29 earlier today and saw this cute little test. :)

So what bag were you? I'm in between the Chanel 2.55 w/o bitch lips and my Gucci Canvas tote that was not free. haha Maybe I need to work towards my Jason Wu dress (not made for target *Wink*) and that Celine Bag!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pastel Loving

Pastel colors have definitely turned into a go-to shade for the spring especially for shoes/accessories. I noticed that suede seems to be the fabric choice for these pastel products. Spring accessories and shoes have been textured with leather, suede or gold trims. I was on Pinterest, & earlier today and saw a lot of Pastel colored accessories and shoes that my heart is beating for at this very moment! <3 I will provide links directly to the products you see below for convenience.

SUPER DUPER cute stuff & maybe my wallet will cry just a little after this blog post!
*Steve Madden is currently on sale at

From  I Love how they carry size 5 :)

At for only $26.86! Awesome deal for an oversize clutch.
Pretty in "Tiffany Blue" belt -  


These are from Asos as well and I really like how they come in S/M or M/L sizes for people with smaller wrist like me :)

Okay... totally going in my shopping cart!! (

I think I'm going to stop now before I can't stop myself. Time to check out with my credit card :) Happy Shopping!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Night Mani

Lately, I have seen a lot of brands coming up with a dense glitter nail polish formula like Deborah Lipman, OPI & China Glaze. They came out with some really pretty colors perfect for the spring time!

Trends for manicure has changed quite a lot recently. Not your shellac nails that everyone drools over anymore as they've reach their "mature" stage as a product. I have noticed that people have been painting just one nail in each hand differently then the rest of the nails. For example, a darker shade w/a pop of color or glitter like this one.
I thought this would be super fun to try out after my half moon manicure from a few weeks ago. Certainly a lot easier than the half moon manicure! I'm totally in LOVE with how it turned out :)

Happy Sunday Night Mani!! <3

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Maxi Dress

             I've always wanted a Maxi Dress but being my height I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to find one that fits even after wearing heels. BOY was I wrong!!! I found one the other day at Forever21. They came in 4 different colors and I got one in beige. It was a bit too long but with heels and a little tuck under the belt; I think I can manage :) Here are some pictures:

               I ABSOLUTELY adore how simple this dress is. 

   I can pair it with a simple cardigan. I used a bright color here to give it some pop for the spring :)

   I paired this with a sleeveless cardigan and sandals. PERFECT for the beach!

  A cropped top would look really cute with a maxi dress. I love the pocket on the shirt!!

 *Here are the details for where I got my clothes/shoes mentioned in this post*
1) Maxi Dress: Forever21
2) Green Cardigan: Gift
3) Sleeveless cardigan: Lulumari
4) Cropped Top: Urban Outfitters
5) Sam Edelman Sandals: Nordstrom
6) Heels: Justfabulous