Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Camera

Recently got my new camera in the mail and I was doing some random shots and playing around with it. Now that I finally got a nicer camera.. I can take more pics and maybe...just maybe start youtube? :)
My friend and I both got new cameras so we decided to go around town and took random pictures! From the park, dog & ppl stalking, and then down to the ocean; I had so much fun. I love it when its sunny!! Just makes everything so much better!
I attended a fashion event this past sunday.. I'll update soon. :) Happy Tuesday!


Seattle can be soooo pretty <3

New Camera buddy! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Accessories OVERload

Hi Loves! Happy FRIDAY!!! What do you guys have plan for this weekend?? The weather is going down and I think I'm starting to catch a cold but nonetheless I've been on pinterest lately and thought I'll share some of the jewelry pieces I pinned. I'm definitely on the look out for these pieces. Super cute and it can really spice up an outfit! :)

From Anthropologie


Pastel <3
Urban Outfitter

I luv Dainty Stuff!!

XoXo :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I wore to the wedding ~~ Part IV

Finally we reached the end of this mini series. In today's post I'll post some pictures of what I wore to the wedding. I got the dress off Tobi for about $33? since it was one of their "new" item that went on sale.
I didn't imagine how flattering the dress would look on. It looks shapeless on the hanger but the fabric definitely hangs well on my body and it was so so comfortable in the heat at this outdoor wedding! :)

Cute little pathway

Lemonade in hand to cool down :)

One of my most favorite pic. Love the back of my dress
Running around the flower path... =)

I definitely took the simple approach for this wedding. I didn't want anything fancy or floral like the other weddings I went to before. I stuck with simplicity and end up really loving this look. It was refreshing and the cutting of the dress is just so adorable! :)

What I love about this dress is that I can always wear it again for other occasions and even make it a beach dress for the summer if I wanted to :)

I had so much fun doing this series and doing what I love! Thanks for reading and much luv

Dress: Tobi.com
Necklace: Forever21
Heels: JustFab
Arm Candies: DIY bracelets & Coach

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What to wear to a wedding?? Part B of III

Hi Loves,

I'm sorry this part of the post is delayed. I've been caught up with some things and I finally got my new camera so I've been playing around with it!  =) Anyway back to our wedding series. Last time we mentioned some things to wear to an indoor wedding and this time we'll cover the basis of an outdoor one!

For beach weddings, I like to wear something sheer or chiffon so when the ocean breeze blows; your dress would flow in the wind. Maxi dress would be a great option in this situation. Although you do have to consider what kind of beach wedding it is. Will the ground be covered with some sort of flooring so sand doesn't get everywhere on your dress? Or if you don't really care about getting your dress "dirty" then you can consider the following styles:

From Tobi.com
From Tobi.com

Omgosh look at how pretty this outdoor garden venue is! So simple and delicate :) I think floral and printed dresses would go well with the garden's green. Try to find prints that's not too crazy against the simple garden wedding. I like this dress for the cutout in the back and the hi-low cutting of this dress. Super cute summery prints would be perfect for an outdoor wedding. 

From Tobi.com

For evening/night outdoor wedding like this one: 
You can wear something like this dress from Asos that can transition from evening to night wedding! It's floral but yet body-con enough to be a cute night dress.

From Asos

With the right accessories you can really dress up your outfit! Don't forget that you don't want to wear skinny heels to an outdoor wedding. You'll sink in the sand or the soil at the garden! :) You can always wear flats or nicer sandals for the occasion. Wedges would also be a stable option for walking around the beach/garden during the reception! 

Have a beautiful Saturday!! Next post will be on what I wore to the wedding I went to last week! <3 <3

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What to wear to a wedding?? Part A of III

It's summer and you probably got invited to a lot of different weddings! Whether it's someone in your family, a friend or even as a date. So what are you suppose to wear?? It all depends on if it'll be an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding. Today's post will be focus on an indoor wedding!

Typically you would get invited to the ceremony and then later on to the reception. In which case you definitely want something that's versatile enough for the day time that can also transition into the evening. You don't exactly want to stand out too much. Patterns or floral prints should be save for an outdoor wedding. Depending on the location, you can even wear a more formal attire as if you were going to a nice banquet. :)

I personally don't like to wear something that's too on trend because 4 out of 5 other girls will probably have the same style or same color as you.. worse case.. the same dress! *horrified* O.0  Now the store you are buying your dress from will determine this factor. I suggest getting a dress where no one else really shop at.. definitely not Forever21. If you plan far ahead you can look into flash sales like Dailylook; which offers outfits of the day for a great price.

Something like this would be a great dress for day and night.

From Daily Look
If location permits, you can even wear a more formal dress and dress it up for the day time with some color accessories like the following.

I like how elegant this dress can be but sexy at the same time with the cut out in the back. With the right jewelry; it can polish the look without being too overly dramatic.
That's it for now. Look forward to the next post on an outdoor wedding!! ;) I hope you guys are enjoying this mini series! XoXo <3

Monday, August 13, 2012

Simple Garden Wedding ~~ Part II

Ready for Part II of this wedding series? :) This will just be a quick post of pictures I took with some friends.

Totally matching with my big sis/lil sis without coordinating. <3 my family

Picture with the beautiful bride! and groom.. in the back. LOL

Look how many ppl we fit in here!

Love this photo booth. SO much fun w/props!

I'm thinking of putting together part III and IV of what to wear to a wedding and what I wore to the wedding. So look out for that soon! XoXo