Friday, August 3, 2012

Bridal Shower :)

*Gasp* Who's getting marry!!??! :) Definitely not me, maybe in a few years! I recently attended a friend's bridal shower. It was a small gathering at her house! Super cute and I enjoyed playing all the games! Of course there's the toilet paper wedding dress! I need to get my hands on those pictures. :P

Here are some pictures I took:

Tons of Snacks

aww super cute puppy

haha Granny lingerie as a joke

Cute thong that says "Bride" in gemstones

Lush bath bombs for relaxing

Finally one where she would sit down still!

Below is the outfit I wore to the bridal shower. Nothing too fancy just a cute floral dress with a peplum at the waistline. I love this dress for its comfort and bright yet subtle colors. IF that made any senses....

For accessories I paired it with my favorite chain bracelet and a simple necklace from Petiteco on Etsy.

I also wore my favorite wedges from DV by Dolce Vita. :)

KAT: If you are reading this.. I'm super excited to see you on your wedding day! Thank you for inviting me to your bridal shower/wedding. I'm so happy for you and wish you two the best in your marriage. I remember when I first met you and we went to the Ubookstore you were telling me about your bf fiance. haha :) How cute. <3

Dress: Lulumari
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacob-Similar color
Bracelet & Ring: Forever21-here
Necklace: PetiteCo from Etsy
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita

Happy FRIDAY! :)


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