Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I wore to the wedding ~~ Part IV

Finally we reached the end of this mini series. In today's post I'll post some pictures of what I wore to the wedding. I got the dress off Tobi for about $33? since it was one of their "new" item that went on sale.
I didn't imagine how flattering the dress would look on. It looks shapeless on the hanger but the fabric definitely hangs well on my body and it was so so comfortable in the heat at this outdoor wedding! :)

Cute little pathway

Lemonade in hand to cool down :)

One of my most favorite pic. Love the back of my dress
Running around the flower path... =)

I definitely took the simple approach for this wedding. I didn't want anything fancy or floral like the other weddings I went to before. I stuck with simplicity and end up really loving this look. It was refreshing and the cutting of the dress is just so adorable! :)

What I love about this dress is that I can always wear it again for other occasions and even make it a beach dress for the summer if I wanted to :)

I had so much fun doing this series and doing what I love! Thanks for reading and much luv

Dress: Tobi.com
Necklace: Forever21
Heels: JustFab
Arm Candies: DIY bracelets & Coach


  1. What a gorgeous dress! I love the back!
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    1. You have a really cute blog! :) Follow me on twitter @sheerloving