Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What to wear to a wedding?? Part A of III

It's summer and you probably got invited to a lot of different weddings! Whether it's someone in your family, a friend or even as a date. So what are you suppose to wear?? It all depends on if it'll be an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding. Today's post will be focus on an indoor wedding!

Typically you would get invited to the ceremony and then later on to the reception. In which case you definitely want something that's versatile enough for the day time that can also transition into the evening. You don't exactly want to stand out too much. Patterns or floral prints should be save for an outdoor wedding. Depending on the location, you can even wear a more formal attire as if you were going to a nice banquet. :)

I personally don't like to wear something that's too on trend because 4 out of 5 other girls will probably have the same style or same color as you.. worse case.. the same dress! *horrified* O.0  Now the store you are buying your dress from will determine this factor. I suggest getting a dress where no one else really shop at.. definitely not Forever21. If you plan far ahead you can look into flash sales like Dailylook; which offers outfits of the day for a great price.

Something like this would be a great dress for day and night.

From Daily Look
If location permits, you can even wear a more formal dress and dress it up for the day time with some color accessories like the following.

I like how elegant this dress can be but sexy at the same time with the cut out in the back. With the right jewelry; it can polish the look without being too overly dramatic.
That's it for now. Look forward to the next post on an outdoor wedding!! ;) I hope you guys are enjoying this mini series! XoXo <3

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