Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No.7 Boots

After yrs and yrs of searching.. I finally found the cream that my face adores! <3
  No.7 Boots Advance hydration face cream!
I first brought the night cream at Target and tried it out for about a month. I love how it absorbs quickly and over time I really saw a difference in my skin. With Seattle weather, I always get dry patches around my nose and cheeks. This cream really helps moisturize without being too sticky.
Here's how the formula looks like.. kinda towards the thicker formula but definitely not sticky and you can see in the 2nd picture how sheer it is.

During Ulta's 20% off a few weeks ago, I got the day cream w/SPF 12 to test it out. I used it for about 2 weeks now and my face did not break out. Usually I can't use lotion that have SPF because my skin does NOT like it. It's sticky and I usually get small zits if I use too much of it. You can tell that this face cream has sun screen in it by its texture but I like it enough since it doesn't make my T-zone oily and it makes my skin smooth instead of shiny and sticky. The formula is a lot lighter than the night cream which is good because it is still hydrating!

I also got my mom the Lifting & Firming night cream. She's super picky about her night cream. We'll see what she say about this. :) What I really like is that the price point is not high at all. I got myself the NARs aqua gel hydrator for $70 and it did not help moisturize my skin at all. Boots No.7 runs from $15-$20 which I think it's a pretty reasonable price. 

No.7 is actually the #1 seller in the UK and they've been doing this for the past 160+ years so quite some history in England. Here's their main US website:

Give it a try and let me know what you think? <3

Day cream: Click here
Night cream:  Click here
Lifting & Firming: Click here

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