Monday, May 28, 2012

Bracelet Haul

Since summer is coming, I started "collecting" a few bracelets here & there. I used to love bracelets but I stopped wearing it during the winter since I don't see a point in it if my clothes are gonna cover it. :(

I got most of these from forever21 and I got them for less than $10 each. The only annoying thing is that not all of the pretty ones I want fits me since my wrist is so small. 

**Sorry if the pictures are blurry this time around. I tried to use Instagram but I guess it doesn't come up as clear as my windows phone **

I love the thick chain.. goes with almost everything and I just got the black one this past Sat. for stacking. 

If you can't tell.. turquoise is currently my favorite color.  <3 <3 the gold weaving one is from Forever21. The bead one with the charm was from Coach. I got it for around $38? with the 20% off sale for fans earlier this month. Then I got the ring from my trip to Alaska.

I really like this pink one. It's a bit more dressy/girly but I like the bow a lot. Surprisingly this was only $4.80 or so at Forever21.

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