Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am back from my short trip to Alaska on a cruise. It was definitely a great experience. I did get a little sea sick a few times but luckily I didn't puke or anything. :) The scenery was awesome! Despite the cold & rain, I did get some sunshine on my last 2 days so I made full usage of the sun deck and jacuzzi. I had no internet or reception over there.. even when we were at port in Alaska.. I have no idea why but maybe T-mobile just sucks? but it was a great way to get away and just relax and spend time with my family. God, Thank you for this trip!

The food was super delicious and hopefully I didn't gain too much. =P We had a few days at sea so my sister took lots of pictures for me to post on my blog. I've yet to receive them but here's a few I have on my camera :)

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