Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outlet Outlet!

Hi loves,

On my last post I mentioned about going to the outlet on the way to Palms Spring. I must say this outlet is HUGE. Not even joking.. we were there for about 4 hrs? and we only hit a few stores we really wanted to go to. I think the total # of stores were roughly 150 stores. o.0

There were so many brand names at the outlet. Gucci, Kate Spade, All Saints, YSL, Prada, everything you can ever think of.

I went CRAZY over at Kate Spade. My sister and I spent a good hr in there picking up all the goodies while looking & squeezing between people then there was the long line to pay. I ended up getting 3 things from there. I got my mom and I a matching card holder. so so cute and the best part of it .. it was only $25~ Then I got myself a structure purse. I couldn't help myself. The red was so attractive and it matched my card holder. :) Original price was $325.. I ended up paying about $110~ SCORE

I'm so in love with them and I really like the kate spade logo printed all over the card holder. Cuteness overload. Also the dust bag that came with it had a super cute quote on it as well

After Kate Spade.. the boys went to Gucci. The BF wanted a new wallet and we found one that was smaller than the normal men's wallets but still big enough to put your money without having to fold them . The wallet was only $150~ compare to the original price of $350.

 What do you guys think? I think we did pretty good at the outlet. :) I just wish we had one of those outlets somewhere near where I live. On the other hand.. it might be quite dangerous for my credit cards.. Happy Wednesday!!


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