Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DIY Nail Polish Rack

Helllooo, It's been awhile since I posted something and I hate myself for being such a slacker. Nonetheless, I'm going to try really hard to post every week. I have a lot of different contents to post and I tend to take pictures of the things I want to share with you guys but just haven't gotten around to really do so. :( Shame on me!

About a month ago, I finally found time to create my own version of a nail polish rack. My addiction to polishes got a bit out of control and the box I originally store it in ran out of room. I saw Dulce Candy's version of nail polish rack here and always wanted one of my own but in a small version. 

I stopped by Michael's and grabbed the following materials:
-5 pieces of 1/4 x 4 x 12 inch Birch Plywood board (A)
-1 piece of 1/8 x 12 x 12 inch Birch Plywood board (B)
-Paint of your choice ( I picked up white)
-Hot Glue Gun 
-Glue Sticks
**I originally picked up some spray paint but it didn't work well with the wind and it didn't dry as nice as I thought it would so I ended up getting real paint and brushes instead :)

Step 1: 
- Lay board B on a flat surface and take board A to use as a ruler to draw the lines in which you'll be gluing the boards down for your shelves. Starting from the top, lay board A directly on top of board B and draw a line. Then stand up board A to draw your second line. The distance between the two lines should be the width of board A. Continue this 1 more time or as many time as you need if you got bigger boards for a bigger shelf.

Step 2:
- After you finish drawing in the line, it's time to heat up your hot glue gun and prepare to glue down the shelves.  Place glue in between the lines you just drew and place board A immediately on top; hold for 30 secs. Work through all your boards for the remaining of the shelves. For the last shelf, place glue on the bottom of board B then place the edge of board A on top. (The last shelf will be slightly smaller in comparison to the other shelves since it uses part of board B for support)

Step 3: 
- Now put the remaining 2 boards on the side of your shelf using the same method as step 2. Work thru this quickly as you have to ensure that all levels of your rack gets glue on to the side of your rack.

Step 4:
-Let your rack sit for an hr and go back to add glue to places you think you might have missed during the process.

Step 5:  
-You are now ready to paint your rack with the color of your choice. You can get creative and decorate the rack with patterns or drawings. I kept mine white for simplicity and most of my furniture at home are white. After each coat, let it air dry for a good 5 min or so before going over it again. I did 2 coats on mine and then came back for one last coat the next day.

Ta--DAAAA and now you have your own nail polish rack. I think this is going to feed my addiction even more....but I enjoy looking at them and remind myself what I have so I don't buy similar colors. I'm so in love with mine and I organized my polishes by colors and brands.

I hope you guys had fun with this small DIY. I'm sure there are already a billion of other bloggers & youtubers with this DIY. Maybe this will be another push for you to get this project going this weekend b/c it was so much fun and I'm glad my polishes have a nicer home! :)

**PS. Each level fits 2 rows of polishes and even 3 rows if you want but it might get a bit crowded so I kept mine at 2.

Until next time! <3

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