Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nail Time

Ever since "Summer" started, I've been so so so obsess with pedicures!! It's such a waste of money but I love how they massage your feet and get rid of all the dead skins from winter. Since Seattle is always rainy (POURING today), my pedicures tend to last longer than they normally would.
I went in on Sunday with a friend that's leaving the US soon and I got my pedi in Neon pink!! Talk about brightness! :) I was a bit hesitant on it but I ended up liking it A LOT! :) I can't stop staring at them and it makes my feet look tanner than they are. Yay?!

Last night my sister texted me a picture of her manicures. She brought a bottle of those magnetic nail polish from Sally Hansen.
It turned out pretty nice.. I know I tried the ones at Sephora by Nails Inc. and they didn't really turn out as well as the ads were showing. OR maybe it's just me?

I ended up doing nails w/my friends watching Captain America!! That was actually a pretty good movie. mhmm those abs! Hopefully I'll get toned from doing P90x. haha.. ANYWAY.. I did a sheer pink from OPI's Hearts & Tarts and did a french tip w/NYX's glitter polish.



  1. love the pink nails! so fun. i just bought neon pink & orange and am hoping to do a little nail color blockin as soon as i get a minute :) xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}

    1. Definitely want to see them after you are done! :)