Saturday, July 28, 2012

Asian BB cream VS American BB Cream

Contestant #1 : Missha BB Cream- SPF20-  50ml -$11.50
  • 7 Essential Vitamin from natural ingredients & help improve the skin
  • Multifunction to moisturize, protect, correct skin tone & block UV
 Contestant #2: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB- SPF30- 30ml- $11.99
  • 8 in 1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector
  • Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen 
  • Enhances, brightens & adjust to skin tone while moisturizing and smooth skin imperfection

I really like both of these BB cream but I'm a bit tore between them. I'm not exactly sure if Maybelline's BB cream should actually be a tinted moisturizer instead? I love how these BB cream gives a light coverage with SPF which would be perfect for summer. I don't normally wear foundation or anything so this will do it since it's super light!

Missha's BB cream is actually 1/2 a shade darker than the Maybelline's Dream Fresh which I got in a Medium Sheer Tint.
Top: Missha; Bottom: Maybelline

I wore both for the whole day to try it out and Maybelline's gets a bit oily toward mid-day but nothing unmanageable. It could also be the SPF lotion I use underneath but the coverage didn't wear off and my skin didn't flake from dryness. (I have normal-dry skin)

On the other hand Missha's has a higher coverage than Dream Fresh but it tends to be on the drier side around mid-day.

I like both BB cream but if I really have to pick I think Missha would win just because it fits in more as the category of BB cream. If Dream Fresh was a tinted moisturizer I would pick it over Missha. It has a higher SPF factor, lighter coverage that still allow for my natural color to peek through. Both products gives my skin a super soft touch while covering small blemishes.

I wish they can make one that's a combination of these two products. I'm going to Hong Kong soon so I'll probably pick up a few more just to find the perfect one :)

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