Saturday, September 1, 2012

BadWill Market

Founded by Osiris, BadWill Market marked its 3rd anniversary this past sunday. This event included many local designers, fashion companies and other bloggers featuring their collection for sale. Social media hangout was hosted by Zagat, Google + and our very own Fresh Jess from Seattle!

This was such an amazing experience! I helped setup the day before and it was really great coming back on the actual day to see how this venue transformed!! It was PACKED with people and local designers with their items on display. I looked at every counter and was fascinated at all the handmade jewelry and clothing our very own local designers put together!

I picked up a few items at this event. Some were new and some were used/vintage items. I love vintage clothing. The fabric used were so much better quality and I can dress it up in a modern way. FUN FUN FUN. I can't wait till the 4th BadWill Market next year.

How cool is this mobile truck store from Jproject?? :)

It was so nice to meet Jess from Fresh Jess and Alix from Alixrose at this event! Thank you for being super nice to me and chatting about the starting of my blog! :) I appreciate it and it really motivates me to continue with this passion of mine!

I'll post on the next post the items I got off this event and the H&M shopping trip after this event :) 

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